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Recycled POY Yarn Manufacturers

Founded on JUN. 2015

Suzhou Junhui Textile Co., Ltd is China Recycled POY Yarn manufacturers and Recycled POY Yarn supplies, we offer wholesale Recycled POY Yarn for sale online at a cheap price.Besides, our company is committed to developing and selling differential yarn: Recycled yarn, Polyester drop-dyed yarn, SHAWLIENCE, Microfine yarn, Flame retardant yarn, Cationic dyeing yarn and Knitting fabric products. Our products cover a wide range of industries including ometextile, clothing, shoe materials, braid and soon.

We have professional R&D team, with many internationally renowned enterprises discuss for research, development and application in environmental protection and functional yarn and fabric. And we can also customize according to your needs. we are mainly doing custom Recycled POY Yarn products according to the customers’specs or samples.

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