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What is the elongation and recovery of knitted fabric?

Author: admin / 2023-10-08
The elongation and recovery of knitted fabric refer to its ability to stretch when subjected to force (elongation) and then return to its original shape and dimensions when the force is removed (recovery). These properties are closely related to the inherent elasticity of knitted fabric and are significant factors in determining its comfort, fit, and performance. Here's a closer look at elongation and recovery in knitted fabric:
Elongation is the extent to which a knitted fabric can stretch when subjected to an external force, such as pulling or stretching. Knitted fabrics are known for their ability to elongate, and this property varies depending on factors like yarn type, knitting technique, and stitch pattern.
Two-Way Stretch: Most knitted fabrics exhibit a two-way stretch, meaning they can stretch both horizontally (across the width) and vertically (along the length). This two-way stretch allows the fabric to accommodate body movements comfortably.
Stretch Factors: The degree of elongation can vary widely among knitted fabrics. It depends on factors like the type of yarn used (e.g., elastane or spandex-containing yarns provide high stretch), the tension applied during knitting, and the specific knitting stitch or pattern employed.
Applications: Elongation is a desirable property for fabrics used in activewear, sportswear, swimwear, and undergarments because it allows the fabric to move with the body without causing discomfort or restriction.

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Recovery refers to the ability of a knitted fabric to return to its original shape and dimensions after being stretched or elongated. It's a measure of how well the fabric "bounces back" once the stretching force is released.
Elasticity: Knitted fabrics are inherently elastic, and this elasticity contributes to their excellent recovery properties. The interconnected loops of yarn in the fabric allow it to regain its original shape efficiently.
Factors Affecting Recovery: The recovery of knitted fabric can be influenced by the quality of the yarn, the tension applied during knitting, and the specific knitting techniques used. High-quality elastane or spandex-containing yarns enhance recovery.
Importance: Recovery is crucial for maintaining the shape and fit of garments over time. Fabrics with good recovery properties retain their elasticity and do not become baggy or lose their form with wear.
The elongation and recovery properties of knitted fabric make it highly flexible, comfortable, and capable of conforming to the body's movements. These properties are particularly important in clothing where comfort, fit, and shape retention are key considerations. The specific elongation and recovery characteristics can vary among different knitted fabrics, so the choice of fabric should align with the intended application and performance requirements.