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What Is Pre-oriented Yarn?

Author: admin / 2022-12-09

Pre-oriented yarn, POY obtains partially oriented coiled yarn by high-speed spinning. Abbreviated as POY.

Chemical fiber filaments obtained by high-speed spinning with an orientation degree between unoriented yarn (UDY) and drawn yarn.

The spinning speed of high-speed spinning is 3000-6000m/min, and the winding yarn with a spinning speed below 4000m/min has a high degree of orientation, which is pre-oriented yarn, commonly known as POY (pre-oriented yarn).

During the forming process of high-speed spinning (spinning speed of 3000-3500m/min), the filaments are subjected to a large tension in the spinning field, so that the macromolecules are partially oriented along the fiber axis, and partially oriented coiled filaments are obtained. .

It has a high degree of orientation (general birefringence is 0.025-0.060), a large elongation at break (150-100%), a low degree of crystallinity (<5%), a stable structure, and is not difficult to store and transport. Deterioration, good post-processing performance and so on.

Pre-oriented yarn is mainly used for processing various textured yarns and stretch-resistant yarns. The main varieties are: (1) 50-167dtex textured yarn (DTY yarn) processed by high-speed tensile deformation method, (2) 167dtex textured yarn (TY) processed by low-speed false twist deformation method (rotor type), (3) 55-110dtex drawn yarn (DY ) processed with low-speed drawing and twisting method (1. 3-1. 7 times of stretch resistance).

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