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What Is Polyester High Elastic Yarn?

Author: admin / 2023-01-13

High elastic yarn FDY, FULLY DRAWN YARN, fully drawn yarn (called fully drawn yarn in Taiwan), introduces stretching effect in the spinning process, and can obtain winding yarn with high degree of orientation and medium crystallinity, which is full drawn yarn Silk. conventional

The fully drawn yarns of polyester and nylon belong to chemical fiber filaments.

The product has good elasticity, good hand feeling, stable quality, not easy to decolorize, strong pulling force, uniform dyeing, bright colors and complete specifications. The product can be purely woven or interwoven with silk, cotton, viscose and other fibers, and can be made into elastic fabrics and various

Wrinkle-like fabric, the fabric made of unique style.

The main application of polyester high elastic yarn

1. Mainly used in knitting, hosiery, clothing, cloth, rib, fabric, textile, fabric, sewing thread, embroidery, mouth, ribbon medical bandage, etc.;

2. Widely used in woolen sweaters, ribbons, garment seaming threads, sleeve threads, etc.;

3. Suitable for all kinds of woolen products, knitted fabrics and knitted garments;

4. It is suitable for sewing high-elastic parts of high-grade knitted underwear, swimwear, diving suits, trademarks, underwear, corsets, sporting goods, footwear, and sportswear.

Application field of high elastic yarn

1. Knitting products: elastic jeans, swimming suits, ski suits, sheepskins, sportswear, bodybuilding pants, songstress pants, women's underwear, tights, elastic belts for weight loss, etc.;

2. Hosiery products: women's socks, pantyhose, etc.;

3. Woven fabric products: thin, medium and thick elastic denim, seersucker, denim, etc.;

4. Hygienic products: manufacture bandages, joint pain relief creams, bandages, non-woven fabrics, wound protection materials, etc.;

5. Household products: kinds, sets of packing belts, elastic bands, bedding stuffing, mats and carpets, curtains, sofas, etc.;

6. Silk products: imitation silk, wrinkled silk, elastic silk, etc.;

7. Other products have elastic cuffs, etc.

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