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What is Dyed yarn

Author: admin / 2023-06-30
Dyed yarn refers to dyed yarn, which can be used to make various fabrics and textiles in the weaving and weaving process. Dyed yarn has a variety of colors and color effects, which can bring rich colors and visual effects to fabrics.

There are many ways to dye yarn, including batch dyeing, continuous dyeing and printing. Batch dyeing is to soak the yarn in the dye solution to make it fully absorb the dye color, and then undergo fixing and post-treatment processes to make the dyeing firm. Continuous dyeing is to add dyes directly to fibers during spinning to obtain dyeing effects during spinning and weaving. Printing is printing patterns and colors directly on the yarn.

Dyed yarn has a wide range of applications in the textile and apparel industries. It can be used to make all kinds of clothing, home textiles, decorations and handicrafts, etc. By choosing different colored yarns, a variety of color effects and design styles can be achieved to meet the needs and fashion trends of different consumers.Suzhou Junhui Textile Co., Ltd is China Wholesale Colored Yarn Manufacturers, committed to develop and sell differential yarn: Recycled yarn, Polyester drop-dyed yarn, SHAWLIENCE, Microfine yarn, Flame retardant yarn, Cationic dyeing yarn and Knitting fabric products. 

The selection of colored yarn usually takes into account factors such as the material of the yarn, the spinning process, the dyeing method, the fastness of the dye, and the desired color and effect. When using dyed yarn, it is also necessary to pay attention to the appropriate collocation and application to ensure the coordination of colors and the realization of the overall effect.