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What are the different types of poy yarn?

Author: admin / 2023-06-20
Polyester (poly) yarn is a versatile synthetic yarn that is widely used in various textile applications. There are different types of poly yarn based on their production method, characteristics, and specific applications. Here are some commonly known types of poly yarn:

    Spun Polyester Yarn: Spun polyester yarn is produced by spinning polyester fibers together to form a yarn. It is known for its softness, strength, and excellent durability. Spun polyester yarn is used in a wide range of applications, including apparel, home textiles, upholstery, and industrial sewing threads.

    Polyester Filament Yarn: Polyester filament yarn is made by directly extruding molten polyester through spinnerets to form continuous filaments. It can be further classified into the following types:

        Flat Filament Yarn: This type of polyester filament yarn has flat or ribbon-like cross-sections, which provide a smooth and lustrous appearance. It is commonly used in fabrics for drapery, curtains, and upholstery.

        Round Filament Yarn: Round filament yarn has a circular cross-section and is widely used in a variety of applications, including apparel, sportswear, home textiles, and technical textiles.

        Microfilament Yarn: Microfilament yarn is a fine polyester filament yarn with extremely small diameters. It is known for its softness, lightweight, and excellent drape. Microfilament yarn is used in high-quality apparel, lingerie, and other applications requiring a delicate and luxurious touch.

    Textured Polyester Yarn: Textured polyester yarn is created by subjecting polyester filaments to heat, pressure, or other techniques to introduce crimp, loops, or irregularities in the yarn structure. Texturing enhances the yarn's elasticity, bulkiness, and aesthetic appeal. It is commonly used in apparel, home textiles, and upholstery.

    High-Tenacity Polyester Yarn: High-tenacity polyester yarn is engineered to have exceptional strength and resistance to breaking or stretching. It is commonly used in applications that require superior durability and toughness, such as automotive upholstery, industrial textiles, ropes, and webbings.

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