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The Making Principle of CD Yarn

Author: admin / 2023-03-03

CD yarn is a type of yarn made by twisting two or more single yarns in the opposite direction. The term "CD" stands for "counter direction," which refers to the opposite twisting direction of the individual single yarns.

The making principle of CD yarn involves several steps:

Spinning: The first step is spinning the single yarns, which are made from natural or synthetic fibers. The yarn is spinning using a spinning wheel or machine, which twists the fibers together to form a long strand of yarn.

Doubling: The next step is doubling the single yarns. Two or more single yarns are wound together on a twisting machine to form a thicker yarn. The individual single yarns are wound in the same direction, creating a yarn with a slight twist.

Plying: After doubling, the yarn is plied in the opposite direction. The doubled yarn is wound onto a plying machine, which twists the yarns together in the opposite direction. This creates a balanced yarn with a smooth texture.

Finishing: The final step is finishing the CD yarn. The yarn is washed, dried, and wound onto cones or skeins. It can then be dyed or used as-is for knitting or weaving.

CD yarn is commonly used in textile and apparel industries for its durability and strength. It is used in the production of various fabrics, including denim, canvas, and upholstery materials.

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