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The Characteristics And Classification Of Polyester Silk

Author: admin / 2022-12-30

The characteristic of polyester silk is that it can resist chemical substances and frequent washing, and reduce the phenomenon of fading and decolorization of clothes. Therefore, hotel uniforms, stone blue denim clothes, sportswear or children's clothing are all made of polyester silk. Relatively speaking, polyester yarn is tougher than rayon. When embroidering, the machine is running at high speed, and the high-strength polyester thread can also withstand large tension; and its fire resistance is extremely high; even if the clothes are close to the flame; it is not easy to touch the fire.

1. As-spun yarn: undrawn yarn (conventional spinning) (UDY), semi-pre-oriented yarn (medium-speed spinning) (MOY), pre-oriented yarn (high-speed spinning) (POY), highly oriented yarn (ultra-high-speed spinning) spinning) (HOY).

2. Drawn yarn: drawn yarn (low-speed drawn yarn) (DY), fully drawn yarn (spinning and drawing one-step method) (FDY), and fully drawn yarn (spinning one-step method) (FOY).

3. Textured yarn: regular textured yarn (DY), stretched textured yarn (DTY), air textured yarn (ATY).

Among them, DTY Draw texturing yarn, also known as polyester low elastic yarn, is a finished yarn that is stretched and deformed continuously or simultaneously on one machine.

FDY Fully drawn yarn Fully drawn yarn. It has nothing to do with the production process, but it is widely circulated. It is used as the code name of the one-step spinning and stretching process. It can use low-speed spinning and high-speed stretching and winding. The two processes are completed on one spinning and stretching machine. The production cost of this production line is low, and the quality of the finished product is stable, with less hair breakage and good dyeing uniformity.

DTY fibers are curly and FDY fibers are straight.

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