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Stretch and elasticity of knitted fabrics: Why are they suitable for sportswear and activewear applications?

Author: admin / 2023-11-03
Sportswear plays an important role in our daily lives. Whether it is running, yoga or fitness, we need to wear clothing that is comfortable, has good stretch and elasticity to provide a better sports experience. Knitted fabrics are ideal for meeting these needs. This article will take an in-depth look at the stretch and elastic properties of knitted fabrics and why they are suitable for activewear and activewear applications.
Advantages of stretchability
Knitted fabric have excellent stretch properties, which means they can stretch freely during movement without restricting the body's movement. This is because knitted fabrics are made up of many continuous looped threads, giving them a lot of room to stretch. Whether you're doing high-intensity exercises like running and jumping, or gentle stretches like yoga and Pilates, knitted fabrics provide enough stretch to allow the body to move freely.
Advantages of flexibility
Knitted fabrics also have excellent elasticity, which means they can return to their original shape without losing their elasticity due to movement. This is due to the elastic fibers in knitted fabrics, such as elastane and spandex, that quickly return to their original shape after stretching. This elastic feature allows the sportswear to fit closely to the body, providing good support and stability, while also reducing friction and discomfort during exercise.

Knitted fabric
Reasons for Suitable for Sportswear and Sportswear Applications
The stretch and elasticity of knitted fabrics make it an ideal activewear choice for several reasons:
Comfort: The stretch and elasticity of knitted fabrics allow sportswear to fit the body, providing a comfortable wearing experience without restricting body movements.
Breathability: Knitted fabrics usually have good breathability and can effectively wick away sweat and keep the body dry, providing a comfortable sports environment.
Durability: Knitted fabrics generally have good durability and can withstand frequent stretching and movement without being easily deformed or worn.
Design diversity: Knitted fabrics can achieve various design effects through different weaving methods and fiber combinations to meet the fashion and personalized needs of sportswear.
Knitted fabrics are ideal for activewear and sportswear applications due to their excellent stretch and elastic properties. They provide comfort, fit and stability while maintaining good breathability and durability. Whether it's high-intensity exercise or gentle stretching, knitted fabrics can meet our sportswear needs. Hopefully this article has been helpful in understanding the benefits of knitted fabrics and their use in activewear and activewear applications.