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Some introduction to Draw Textured Yarn

Author: admin / 2023-03-24
Draw Textured Yarn is a high bulky, soft crimp and high durability yarn. It is primarily used in woven and knitted fabric applications. This textured fiber can be used to produce apparel, home furnishing, seat covers, outer/inner garments, bags and more.
Textured Yarns can be made by different texturizing processes, including adding crimps, loops and coils to a continuous filament yarn. These textures are incorporated into the yarn after a partially oriented yarn is utilized as the feed yarn.
A textured yarn is also used in hosiery, knitted outerwear and shape-retaining knit fabrics for men’s and women’s suits and overcoats. They are also used to make synthetic fur, carpets and blankets.
The dimensional changes in the yarns produced by the texturing process improve the texture of the yarn. These textured yarns are suitable for conducting fabric via the warp and loop knitting processes and in coating, coloring and fancy yarn applications.
Besides, textured yarns are also able to resist the deteriorating effects of a variety of chemicals. They are also low in absorbing moisture, which makes them ideal for all-seasons use.
Dye-Lot Number:
Each drawn textured yarn is tagged with a dye-lot number, which describes the color of the yarn. It is important to ensure that the dye-lot number matches when buying multiple balls of the same yarn.
Take-Up Shrinkage in the Yarn:
It is important to note that the take-up and shrinkage in a yarn depends on how it is spun, woven or knitted. A textured yarn, for example, has a higher take-up than a standard-spun, smooth yarn.