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Morphological Structure Of The Yarn

Author: admin / 2023-01-06

Yarn is a continuous fiber bundle composed of staple fibers or filament aggregates, generally including three types of yarns: staple yarn, filament yarn and fancy yarn. There are many types of yarns, with different properties. To fully understand the types and uses of yarns, we generally start from four aspects: raw materials, processes, structures and uses.

1 Yarn fineness/yarn count

Here we take cotton yarn and wool yarn as examples to illustrate the division of yarn fineness

Roving, cotton yarn over 32tex, mainly used for weaving thick fabrics or raised cotton fabrics. Such as coarse cloth, flannel, strong tweed and so on.

Medium yarn, 33~22tex cotton yarn, mainly used for weaving plain, twill, satin and other fabrics, cotton fabrics are widely used.

Spun yarn, 21tex and below cotton yarn, mainly used for high-grade needle-punched and cotton fabrics, such as high-grade poplin, high-grade sweatshirts, singlets, etc.

If you want to know more about yarn fineness, please refer to this article: Expression method of yarn fineness/yarn count, conversion relationship, test method: Tex, Den, Nm, Ne

2 yarn shape

staple fiber yarn

Single yarn: It is directly spun from staple fibers and is mainly used as a raw material for fabrics.

Ply yarn: A thread formed by twisting two or more single yarns, which has better strength and wear resistance than single yarns. There are 2-ply yarn, 3-ply yarn and multi-ply yarn such as sewing thread, embroidery thread and knitting thread.

Double-twisted ply yarn: twisted by two or more ply yarns, mainly used for decorative threads, ropes, etc.

Short fiber yarn generally has a loose structure, high air content, more wool, and less luster, so it has good hand feeling and hiding power. Woven fabrics have better comfort and appearance properties, proper strength and uniformity.

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