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Introduction To The Characteristics Of Regenerated Yarn

Author: admin / 2023-02-03

Regenerated yarn refers to the yarn produced by using some leftovers or waste silk produced in the process of spinning, weaving and garment processing as raw materials and reprocessing the fiber materials obtained. The nature or structure of the fiber is the same as natural fiber or chemical fiber.

One is cotton-type fiber yarn made from discarded leftover materials, and the other is polyester staple fiber yarn processed by melting bottle flakes.

High breaking strength, generally 40% higher than cotton thread of the same specification; good wear resistance, generally 1 times higher than cotton thread of the same specification; small shrinkage rate, only about 0.5%, suitable for sewing chemical fiber fabrics and wrinkle-resistant high-grade cotton Fabric with straight stitches; good heat resistance, suitable for high-speed sewing machines of 3000-4000r/min, ironing temperature at about 160°C; good softness and elasticity, suitable for sewing high-grade chemical fiber fabrics.


Regenerated yarn is an important activity in the circular economy. It not only realizes the reuse of fiber resources, but also endows textile waste with the connotation of recycling. This unique circular economic development model plays an important role in improving the efficiency of textile waste. Recycling and comprehensive utilization, developing characteristic industries according to local conditions, and effectively breaking the constraints of resources and the environment are of positive significance.

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