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Introduction And Dyeing Advantages Of Cationic Dyed Polyester Yarn

Author: admin / 2023-01-28

Cationic polyester yarn-full name: cationic dyed polyester is called cationic dyed polyester yarn, which belongs to denatured polyester and can be dyed with cationic dyes at 110 degrees.

Cationic yarn belongs to modified polyester, chemical name: polybutylene terephthalate (elastic polyester), abbreviation: PBT, and it is also represented by CD in the factory. Because ordinary polyester (polyethylene terephthalate) has disadvantages such as low moisture absorption, poor dyeing performance, easy accumulation of static electricity, and easy fluffing, etc., it is usually modified with sulfonate as a modifier to be dyeable with cationic dyes. Modified polyester is prepared by adding cationic active agent before spinning or during the spinning process. Such yarn is called cationic yarn. This kind of yarn does not need to be dyed at high temperature like ordinary polyester, and can be dyed at room temperature.

Cationic modified polyester filament is a new type of polyester product spun by introducing dimethyl isophthalate with polar group SO 3Na into polyester chips. Its appearance is the same as that of ordinary polyester filament. However, due to the use of ion modification, not only the color absorption performance of the fiber is greatly improved, but also the crystallinity is reduced so that the dye molecules are easy to penetrate, making the fiber easy to dye, the color absorption rate is improved, and the hygroscopicity is also improved; Cationic is easy to dye, and at the same time, it can increase the micropores of the fiber, improve the dyeing rate, air permeability, and hygroscopicity of the fiber, so as to further adapt to the imitation silk of polyester fiber; through the imitation silk, the fabric can be made soft, breathable, comfortable and antistatic ,Dyeable at normal temperature and pressure; through cationic modification of multi-functional wool-like, the fabric can be soft to the touch, anti-static, anti-pilling, co-dyeing with wool at normal temperature and pressure. Fabrics woven with cationic modified fibers have the following characteristics when dyed with cationic dyes: 1. Bright color tone and good deep dyeability; 2. High exhaustion rate (high dyeing rate); 3. Resistance to sunlight Good fastness and color fastness to smoke fading; 4. Good compatibility of dyestuffs during color matching dyeing; 5. Good stability in high temperature dyeing bath; 6. Contamination to other fibers including ordinary polyester fibers 7. The diffusion rate to the inside of the fiber is fast, and there is no ring dyeing phenomenon; 8. When the pH value changes in the dyeing bath, the dyestuff has high stability. The fabric is comparable to natural fabrics in terms of wearing comfort and dyeing vividness, and its price is lower than that of natural silk, which can generate high added value

There is no way to distinguish cationic modified polyester filament from polyester filament. If you want to distinguish, you can only use dyeing method! Cationic raw materials are generally dark!

Network yarn: ITY Interlaced yarn

Low stretch yarn: DTY Draw textured yarn is also called stretch textured yarn.

Cation: Cation

Polyester yarn: Polyester Yarn

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