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How To Measure The Moisture Content Of POY Yarn

Author: admin / 2022-11-18

The moisture content measurement of POY yarn provides you with the simplest method. The Shenzhen Aige Rui moisture content detector can touch the sample and read the moisture value instantly, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

The most important thing about yarn moisture content detection is that the sample cannot be damaged. You can choose Shenzhen Aige Rui sh-01 non-destructive moisture detector, which is easy to operate, easy to use, fast in testing speed, and easy to carry.

In the production process of polyester filament, we usually check its moisture content, including in the packaging process, because the moisture content of polyester is relatively low, generally if the product with low precision is used for testing, it will not meet the expected Therefore, the WL-02 moisture content analyzer with high precision must be used to test the moisture content of polyester. Take the polyester sample directly and put it into the detector. Generally, it will be detected in about 3 minutes. The result is, Guanya polyester moisture detector.

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