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Application Of PBT Yarn In Daily Life

Author: admin / 2023-02-10

PBT engineering plastic is a crystalline thermoplastic polyester with good chemical stability and mechanical strength. Although we often introduce the application of PBT in automobiles and electronics, PBT is still an important engineering plastic for wire drawing, and its application in wire drawing is also important. very broad. PBT/PET Yarn monofilament has good properties such as good resilience, lodging resistance, and easy coloring. Next, let's take a look at the applications of PBT yarn drawing in our daily life.

1. Clothing fabrics

The "rabbit plush" yarn on the market, also known as PBT core-spun yarn, has a soft, bulky, compact and silky effect, and is mainly used in the production of autumn and winter sweaters. It is suitable for making high-elastic textiles such as swimming suits, pantyhose, training suits, gym suits, bodybuilding suits, tennis suits, dance tights, elastic denim suits, ski pants, stockings, and medical bandages.

2. Wig & False Eyelashes

PBT pure resin is mixed with PET and other materials to make wigs and false eyelashes. It has the natural luster and feel similar to human hair, soft, smooth, bright colors, and the tows are scattered and not assembled. It is the best for high-end wig eyelashes. select.

3. Toothbrush wire

PBT monofilament is the material of choice for high-grade toothbrush bristles due to its excellent properties such as good elasticity, lodging resistance, easy coloring, and easy sharpening. With the improvement of our living standards, we pay more and more attention to oral health care. PBT soft bristles can effectively It reduces the possibility of gum bleeding when brushing teeth, so it is more and more favored by consumers.

Four, make-up silk

Brush bristles are generally made of animal hair, which is soft, does not split and does not hurt the skin, but is more expensive. With less and less animal hair and increasing market demand, PBT brush filaments with excellent elasticity and softness have been widely used.

5. Oil painting brush

Oil paint brushes are generally made of coarse animal hair, but in the case of increasing market demand, PBT brush filaments with excellent elasticity and flexibility are an ideal substitute.

Six, paint brush wire

In the case of less and less animal hair and increasing market demand, PBT is an ideal substitute because of its excellent elasticity and flexibility. At first, PA, PP and PET were used, but the price of PA is relatively high. PET and PP filaments are relatively hard, which limits their popularization and use. After the industrial production of PBT resin, PBT monofilaments replaced pig bristles and were quickly promoted and used.

7. Carpet

The carpet made of PBT brush wire is soft in texture, bright in color, comfortable and durable, not afraid of humidity, good in elasticity and wear-resistant, and is favored by consumers.

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